Ivers Farms

​Est. 1936

About Us


Ivers Farms is a family run farm  that is based six miles west of St. Francisville, IL. There are also four other grain and machinery storage  locations. One two miles west of St. Francisville and two others located in southeMaurice Ivers was born on a farm in Knox County, Indiana in 1921. In 1936, he moved to Lawrence County, Illinois and bought a 60 acre farm. Maurice farmed with his Dad until joining the U.S.Marines in 1941 to fight in World War II. His father George W. ran the farm until Maurice’s return in 1945. Upon returning home ,Maurice married Marjorie and started a dairy farm, at the same 60 acre location. Their farm grew through the years as well as their family. Their first son, Maurice George, was born in 1946 and now goes by the name of George. Their second son, Dennis, was born in 1953, and  daughter, Tina in 1962.

By 1966, Maurice farmed 500 acres and had a 100 head dairy. At this time, Maurice sold the Dairy and decided to concentrate on grain farming.

George Ivers  joined the U.S. Marines in 1966 and served in Vietnam and returned home to the farm in 1968. Married his wife Joyce in 1967 and remained married until her death in 2003. They had a daughter Kelly born in  1969 and a son David born in 1979

Dennis Ivers graduated from high school in 1971 and married his wife, Julie, in 1975. Their first son Garrett was born in 1979, and the second Reese was born in 1984.

 Maurice and his two sons (George and Dennis) formed a partnership known as Ivers Farms in 1972.

The 3 worked together side by side until Maurice’s death in 1994. The farm grew at a steady pace through the years.  At the time of Maurice’s death, the farm had grown to 3800 acres tillable, some owned by the family farm and some rented from other landowners.

 George’s son, David, joined the family farm upon graduating from high school in 1997.  David girlfriend is Anne Jackman

and together they are expecting a baby girl in May of 2018

 Dennis’ son,  Garrett,  graduated from Aurora University with a degree in business management in 2002. After graduating from college, Garrett married Katie and also joined the family farm.

 Dennis’ second son, Reese, graduated from Webber International University with a degree in business in 2007.  He also joined the family farm and married Bethany in 2008.

 Today George, Dennis, David, Garrett, and Reese Ivers along with Cory Funk all farm together at Ivers Farms.
Damon Banks runs the IB Turf Business owned by David, Garrett, and Reese. 
Garrett has 3 sons: Eli 15 Leyton 13and Emery 10 and one Daughter Eva, 4year old.

Reese has 2 daughters: Reagan 7and Sienna 5 and a son Tripp who is 2 years old

The farm has now grown to almost 10000 acres tillable, plus 212 crp.  

We farm land in both Illinois and Indiana, and are expanding outward more all the time. We are always looking for good farm land along with good people to be in business with.

This has just been a very brief history of our farming operation, if you have any question about any of our past, present, or what we are looking to in the future, feel free to contact us.